Candle FAQ’s

Why Soy Candles as opposed to other types?
Soy is regarded as completely safe to burn for two reasons. Firstly it has a low melting point which means it burns at a lower temperature making it safer for handling especially around little fingers. Secondly, when it melts it doesn’t release any toxins into the atmosphere like other types of waxes/wicks that contain lead. It’s easy to work with and manipulate. It also holds and throws the fragrance scent really well.

Why does the candle glass appear to be ‘frosted’ or have ‘wet spots’?
This is a totally natural result of working with soy wax and doesn’t affect the scent or functionality of the candle in any way. It can be controlled to a certain extent by making sure that I am totally hygienic when making the candles. I have also found that pouring the wax at a higher temperature also results in a better visual product and as such this is what I try to do (managing the temperature is extremely tricky). Storing the candles away from hot (on top of a heater) and cold (external house walls) sources helps to maintain an even temperature to limit frosting as well.

How long do the tea-lights you have burn for?
On average they will burn for about 8 hours depending upon viscosity of fragrance. PLEASE DO NOT BURN THE TEA-LIGHTS DRY. WHEN THE LIQUID REACHES THE BASE OF THE WICK PLEASE EXTINGUISH, ALLOW IT TO COOL AND THEN DISPOSE. If you are unfamiliar with burning any type of candle please view for helpful tips on how to properly burn your candle. Tea-light packs of 6 scents are available for $7.50 each (FREE postage costs).

How long should I burn my soy candle for?
To achieve edge to edge melt and therefore even burning of your candle you should burn it for a minimum of 4+ hours at a time. If you burn it for less you may find that the wick gets extinguished by a reservoir of wax that has melted unevenly.

Do you offer a ‘refill’ service when our candle runs out?
I’d like to but unfortunately no. Although the glass jars used are advertised as the toughest on the market I don’t want to risk their integrity by refilling a previously used jar. I would encourage recycling of the jar as the wax will wash out in warm soapy water. I re-use the clean empty jars by placing a tea-light in the bottom of them for soft ambient light. You can use them to store pens, pencils, paper clips etc

Can we request a specific scent that isn’t on your list?
Yes of course. The list of scents available will likely change periodically due to popular demand. I have several suppliers that I order my materials from and can always enquire/order in a scent that isn’t currently available on my site. If I cannot locate the exact scent I will advise you and offer some close alternatives to consider. NOTE: The fragrance strength of scent from different suppliers will vary. ALL candles I make contain a minimum of 25% scent per candle so they smell better for longer.

How can I make payment?
Direct deposit into my Bank SA account is the easiest all round. You can do so using the details below.
BSB: 105-118
Acc No: 052 497 440
Acc Name: MC Everett & JH Hudson and please ensure you leave your full name as a reference so I know who has made payment. The order will be sent once payment has been confirmed as deposited by the bank.

Why does my candle have a cavity developing in the centre where the wick keeps getting extinguished by the wax?
This usually occurs because you haven’t burned the candle for 4+ hours or more each time to achieve edge to edge melt. Therefore, it burns unevenly leaving the unmelt wax on the sides whilst melting the wax in the middle only. To rectify this you need to carefully cut away the wax on the side of the glass to the level of the wick and resume burning for the minimum 4+ hours suggested. I now make all candles with double wicks to achieve a more even burn to hopefully eliminate this issue.

My candle appears to be ‘sweating’ – should it be doing that?
Because soy wax has a lower melting point it is influenced by atmospheric temperature. It is suggested that you keep the candle below 25 degrees. If sweating occurs it won’t affect the burning or scent release of the candle in any way. Usually the fragrance will be reabsorbed by the wax after the heat event has passed. I could add a preservative to stop this from happening but choose to keep my candles as ‘natural’ as possible. I may need to if candles are purchased in typically hotter climates but will advise if and when this happens.

To what level should I burn my candle down to?
NEVER BURN YOUR CANDLE UNTIL IT IS DRY AS THIS IS WHEN THE GLASS ‘CAN’ SHATTER DUE TO HEAT. To maintain a margin of safety once the level of melted wax is 1cm from the base of the jar extinguish the candle, allow to cool then rinse and reuse the jar for something or recycle it. If you are unfamiliar with burning any type of candle please view for helpful tips on how to properly burn your candle.

What are the standard postage costs, locally and interstate?

     Currently I offer FREE postage on all Australian orders

Why am I not able to order your candles from overseas?
Eventually you will be able to. Initially, to gain an idea and manage orders, the site will only be open to Australian customers. When it opens for international orders I shall advise on my home page.

How long do your candles last – what is their shelf life as such?
According to the suppliers of the materials I use, the candles are still as viable 5 years after being made as they were when they were first poured.

I note there is no phone contact on your website – why is that?
Unfortunately I work in another industry currently and as such am unable to take phone calls Monday to Friday during standard business hours. Email contact is preferred as I am then able to answer queries in the evenings and on weekends.