Gorgeous Body Tips

Sandra Stolle’s 9 tips for a gorgeous mind, body and soul!

It actually doesn’t take much effort to improve your overall health…….if you want to that is! There is ALWAYS a better way of doing something and I hope to impart some of these ways on this page.

We all know what it feels like to be sick. So why would anyone want to be constantly sick or lethargic? Well it’s because habits can be nasty little things to break and often change is forced upon us by a diagnosis rather than proactively seeking out a better way. So here are my tips!

Drink as much ‘filtered’ water as you can every day.
Don’t like water? Add a squeeze of lemon or lime to it. Doing this assists with maintaining clear skin and toxin elimination from the body. Your skin will love you and your wrinkles will hate you because you are hydrated. Chronic back pain can often be associated with bad posture but also being dehydrated. This can be improved by better posture and by simply rehydrating your body with good quality water. Green and white (no milk) tea would be the next best options as powerful antioxidant beverages.

Avoid ‘processed sugars’ many of which are ‘hidden’
in foods. You may not know but sugar is classified on packaging under as many as 12 different names! Get educated. All cordials, fruit juices, sports drinks, cereals, pastries, condiments etc the list of processed foods is endless. There are many studies and books on the subject of health improvement when sugar is eliminated from the day to day routine. Shop smarter and be healthier.

Avoid ‘trans fat’.
This food preservative isn’t broken down by the body when consumed and lines our arteries. Read labels when purchasing products or better yet avoid purchasing these products all together if trans fat is listed as an ingredient. Again shop smarter and avoid that heart attack later on.

Supplementation, supplementation, supplementation!
Why? Well unless you’re an expert and have your own levels of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals analysed regularly to know what you are lacking in, then you aren’t going to know. Nobody consumes the healthy amount of food they need daily to maintain a highly functioning immune system. Even sports people supplement to give their bodies the added nutrition for recovery, repair etc. Source high quality ‘plant based’ multivitamins and minerals to improve and maintain health for the long term. Your doctor WON’T thank you as you WON’T need to see them!,

Avoid chemical exposure to your skin.
This is a HUGE issue as every hair product, skincare product, hand and nail cream, toothpaste, deoderant, make up, pressurized air fresheners, household cleaners etc contain chemicals that cumulatively are hazardous to our health with long term use. My suggestion is to source ‘certified’ organic products to keep you looking your radiant best so shop smarter and avoid the endocrine / lymphatic health crisis later.

Alkalise your food and fluid intake.
Why? Disease in general flourishes in low oxygen, high acidity bodies so what you are breathing in, eating and drinking needs to be at the top of the list when confronting a health challenge. Even if you haven’t yet been diagnosed with any disease or illness state, alkalising your food intake is a logical and sensible process to follow to avoid that particular piece of bad news as you get older. Speak to anyone trained specifically in nutrition about this for further advice.

Replace your consumption of white bread with a multigrain brown or wholemeal bread.
It is low GI meaning sustained energy release and much better for your digestive system. My favourite is a brand that contains quinoa (pronounced KeenWa) and flaxseed, its light and tastes sensational!
Better yet switch to a gluten free alternative if possible. There is much research going on to the affect gluten has on our overall health even if you are not intolerant to it. Constant digestive upsets could be due to the amount of gluten you are consuming. Get familiar with what types of food contain gluten and note the change to how you feel when you limit your intake of such foods.

For general health and well being and to keep you off the doctor’s waiting list, chew on Vitamin C throughout the day all year round.
Vitamin C isn’t stored in the body like other vitamins so drip feeding your system constantly is your best defence against the common cold and flu. Contrary to previous advice you should be getting more sun for your intake of Vitamin D too. If not, at least supplement Vitamin D3, the most readily absorbed type by the human body.

There is always a better way of doing something you’ve always done!
Think outside your comfort zone and surprise yourself – you might just like it and forge a new potentially life-extending habit in the process!

I do not recommend anything here that I do not already do as part of my normal daily routine. I’m very happy with the way I look and feel and constantly challenge myself to find ways to update my routine so I can stay one step ahead of the aging process. The hardest part about making a change is taking the first step, so put all the excuses aside and live a better life!

The general information provided here is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease or illness state. My opinion comes from observation through personal/family experience and subsequent research.

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