Soy Candles

Sandra Stolle’s Kitchen Sensations

My “made-to-order” handmade soy candles, produced in South Australia, are authentically aromatic with a minimum of 25% fragrance per candle. The fragrance is blended with the wax so they remain aromatic right to the last drop! The scented soy candles are all natural, non- toxic, luxurious, mood enhancing and a great talking point. Because these soy candles can be purchased directly from the manufacturer in Adelaide, they are inexpensive to purchase and enjoy!

Everyone’s nose has the ability to appreciate fragrance differently. Fragrances are made up of varying notes and intensities. I produce a suggested range for him and her that are available all year round in two sizes. A 340ml (100ml tall x 90ml wide) frosted or clear glass with flat lid and are packaged in pink, blue, white or black presentation boxes. I also produce clear polycarbonate tea-lights (packs of 6) in pink, white or black presentation boxes. A limited edition range for Christmas becomes available in November/December as well as an Easter range in March/ April every year. Supporting locally SA made products helps our community.


Benefits of Soy Candles

  • Great gift idea to trigger a mood, initiate romance and helps to create a wonderful ambience in the home
  • Each candle contains a minimum of 25% fragrance so a room is filled with a lingering scent long after the candle has been extinguished
  • Fool your friends and neighbours into thinking you’ve just baked a pie, brewed a pot of coffee or bought fresh flowers by simply by lighting a Sandra Stolle’s handmade soy candle
  • Cost effective with a burn time of 40+ hours
  • Eco-friendly – minimal smoke and soy candles don’t contain any harmful toxins – Lead and Phthalate free
  • Replace any chemical enhanced or electricity powered air fresheners with an aromatic, beautifully scented soy candle
  • Water soluble – if any wax is spilt, just clean using warm water
  • Melts at a lower temperature making it safer around children


Trim and maintain the wick to keep it about 5mm in length. If it’s any longer the flame will start to become unruly and may cast off some smoke turning the rim of the jar black. Easily cleaned with warm water and paper towel.

When lighting candles, burn for a reasonable period to achieve a balanced melt (wax melts right to the edge of the glass) usually 3-4 hours at a time.

When the candle is not burning, leave the lid off as it will still cast out some scent particularly in the warmer months.

DO NOT burn large or tea-light candles until they are dry (ie: no melted wax left) as this may cause the candle glass holder to shatter due to the heat – as safety measure, do not burn the wax below 1cm of the bottom of a large glass candle or below the base of the wick in a tea-light

When using soy candles ensure that they are not near anything that is flammable or is at risk at being knocked over accidentally. Keep away from children and pets – it’s advisable to take a moment or two to read the warning label which appears on the base of the large glass candle.

Tea-lights burn for approximately 8 hours. It’s important that they are kept away from any drafts as the fire resistant plastic cup may be prone to melting if the flame is blown constantly towards the edge of its rim.

Most of all, enjoy the variety of fragrances and try them all – you never know, you may find a new favourite from the best aromatic soy candle range in Adelaide.